Take a look into DONT WALK's history including past editorials, creative concepts, model introduction shoots, zines, short films, and much more!


dont walk 16': hi-def surveillance society

Channelling the new security paradigm of the 21st century - the surveillance society - into physical and digital form. Faced with the threat of mass surveillance, DONT WALK produces an artistic commentary on the notion of privacy. A new culture of vulnerability has taken hold across the globe as states and their intelligence agencies vigilantly observe and react to security challenges that may pose a threat to their people. This new security paradigm is epitomized by the video recording devices, closed circuit television, and digital cameras that have become increasingly ubiquitous. 

Creative Director: Leigh Walderman


dont walk 15': mind/matter

An embellished canvas designed to unsettle and provoke, Mind/Matter showcases a surreal montage of objects and bodies inexplicably fused and paradoxically arranged. Closely related to Sigmund Freud’s concept of “fetishism”, the ordinary objects in Mind/Matter are fetishized as a result of the human ability to project our desires onto the mundane. However random these depicted objects may be, the meaning of the object itself is not nearly as significant as the implication human psychology gives it. Buried in Mind/Matter’s seemingly nonsensical images are opportunities to see the world, and our place in it, in a radically different way. Using the eye of an artist or poet, and not that of a scientist, we explore the realm of the unconscious without recourse to the logic of material, everyday reality.

Creative Director: Leigh Walderman & Assistant: Martin Lyle


DONT WALK 14': youthful spirit

Complex and powerful lighting, large white canvas frames and futuristic costumes combined to open not only the show, but an engagement with one of the main themes, that of peace and non violence. In this way the creative expression directly engaged with DONT WALK’s chosen charities. Similarly the beginning of the second half engaged with ideas of female and minority empowerment through strong and confident costumes and choreography.

Creative Director: Alina Abouelenin


dont walk 13': good vs evil

Addressing matters in unorthodox manners and use a lot of metaphorical representations for greater meanings, the show commented on the fine line between violence and non-violence. It was about how we prefer to think about violence as impermeable but in reality it is very penetrable; it just depends on the circumstances that we are in. A great influence the psychologist, Philip Zimbardo, who specifically discussed this permeability by looking at the psychology of evil. We had models walk in as metaphorical prisoners, representing how we can all become prisoners of our own violent thoughts if we allow them to take over. The whole costume element reflected the idea of ourselves and the dark side. 

Creative Director: Alina Abouelenin