CREATIVE CONCEPT / PRogress & Regress 

Tiphaera Ziner Cohen 

Creative Director

The core of DONT WALK is made up of two pillars. We are driven by the desire to draw awareness and raise funds for charitable causes that seek to alleviate poverty and end the cycle of violence. However, this is only one facet of DONT WALK.

DONT WALK is DONT WALK by virtue of its commitment to pose contentious questions, to grapple with intractable puzzles and to arouse dynamic discourse. We seek to engage our audiences on questions that our global community faces. In the spirit of youthful consideration, we endeavor to arouse debate on these dilemmas and ask what our collective role is in developing solutions to that which plagues our world. In order to explore these ideas and challenge entrenched precedents DONT WALK seeks, without trepidation, to find the most audacious manner of conveying its message.

Each year, DONT WALK develops a creative concept aligned with these two pillars, highlighting our charitable ethos whilst encouraging both awareness and debate. This overarching theme guides the development of our creative content. Our editorial shoots, as well as written pieces, focus on uncovering the many perspectives surrounding whatever the theme may be. Our creative content allows us to both elucidate our thoughts and opinions on the theme. Right through to the production of the fashion show itself, the creative theme serves as an actualization of a debate that is relevant to our global community.

In the spirit of this discourse, DONT WALK 2017 will explore ‘Progress/Regress’; the tension that exists between progression and regression both on an individual and collective scale. The notion of ‘progress’, however, appears increasingly indefinable. The many nuances and juxtapositions that exist within this concept are incredibly difficult to delineate. Does progress in the twenty-first century help or hurt us? Are we evolving and solving that which plagues our global collective, or are we progressing towards even greater problems? Can there be any true definition of progress and most importantly, do we really need one? DONT WALK will explore the nuances of progress by examining our inner anxieties whilst looking outward.

Our exploration will focus on three manifestations of progress. Our individual psyches, our societal drive and the mechanization of technological advancements. What drives us, as individuals, forward? What holds us back? When one thinks of progress, they think of innovations and advancements in communication, in warfare, in medicine, perhaps in global cooperation or interconnectedness. Alongside these collective strides, we bear witness to collective responses fuelled by anxiety. When the functions of that which surround us change, we are faced with new anxieties over what these altered, or evolving, functions mean.

This intellectual endeavor will be realized using all manner of stimuli.Through the editorial content we create leading up to the show, the fashion, the music and the production of the event itself, DONT WALK 2017 will be a quest and an exploration of this intriguing dichotomy.