We are excited to welcome you to DW 2017. please read carefully. 



Payment will take place at Hotel Du Vin on December 2nd from 12:00-17:00 in full via the Yoyo Wallet App. Yoyo Wallet works similarly to ApplePay, so you will come in with the app downloaded and we will charge your card through your phone. Super VIP tickets are £100; VIP tickets are £90. 

When signing up for yoyo, you must use the e-mail you gave your head of table. Please notify us at dontwalk2017@gmail.com if you received two invites and were not expecting to, this could mean an error of overlap on tables.

If you are not going to be in St Andrews on the 2nd but are capable of downloading the app from your app-store, please respond to your e-mail from dontwalk2017@gmail.com noting that you will not be present for collection and we will make the ticket available for purely electronic purchase via the app.

If you cannot download the app via your app-store, similarly reply to your e-mail from dontwalk2017@gmail.com noting the difficulty. If this is the case we will make special arrangements so that your head of table can purchase your tickets for you, working out details of payment with you personally. 


We look forward to welcoming you to DW 2017

February 25th

Cambo Estate. 

Event is 18+