DONT WALK, now in its sixteenth year, is a performance which takes the combined efforts of over 50 students to produce an annual spectacle on level which competes with some of the greatest runways in the world. However, whilst the efforts of those volunteers are pivotal, it is the support of our sponsors; local, national and international, which make up the lifeblood of the organisation. As a charity we rely on the generosity and support of those organisations which align themselves with the charities we support, and see value in working with us. As such we have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most prestigious organisations, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, RedBull, Coca Cola and fashion houses such as Lanvin, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood. At the heart of our sponsorship work DONT WALK believes in the need for us to give back to our sponsors. Setting up and running campus ambassador programmes, creating and implementing marketing campaigns to run through the academic year are but two ways in which we have successfully given our sponsors value through their donation. We have continuously proven our ability to provide direct access to a market space notoriously hard to penetrate. We would like to thank those sponsors who have worked, and continue to work, with us in maximising our annual charitable donation and would welcome the support of all those who would like to get involved in this amazing cause!

Daniel Benjamin
Finance Director

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All sponsorship packages are all negotiable and fully customizable. Please get in touch with our sponsorship team to discuss how we can go above and beyond to work with you, your product, and your brand. 




DONT WALK looks to the future. It represents the forward-thinking and the experimental, a political statement as much as a sartorial exhibition. An amalgamation of art, dance, fashion, photography and film, this year-long undertaking culminates in a night that pushes the boundaries of beauty and performance. Standing alongside the fashion giants of the 21st century, the DONT WALK name will continue to grow and to reflect the ever-changing landscape of its conception as it enters its 16th year. 

Without the contribution of the press, our evolution into the United Kingdom’s largest privately run student charity fashion show would not have been possible. We have been featured in Marie-Claire and receive annual coverage from Tatler, amongst many other publications, all with the goal of raising awareness for our brand and our chosen charities. This year, we invite you to cover our sixteenth show in February 2017, to witness another spectacular display of creativity and innovation.